Assumption Church, Richfield, Minnesota (1887-Unknown)

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Assumption Church

Assumption Church in "Bloomfield"
Address: 78th Street
Richfield, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1887
Year razed: Unknown
Historic Function: Religious facility, other
Current Function: Parking Lot
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Foundation: Limestone

Richfield Hennepin County

Assumption Church, Richfield, Minnesota (1887-Unknown)
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In 1874 the German Catholic community decided to build a church to serve Richfield and Bloomington and placed it on the border shared by the two towns. The parishioners chose the diplomatic name “Bloomfield” for their church location to recognize the two towns it served. Valentine Haeg, John Adelmann and Adam Doerfler bought four acres for the building from Hiram and Eliza Sayman, the original settlers of the land. They dedicated the chapel to St. Valentine. Fire caused by a lightning strike destroyed the structure in 1886. It was rebuilt the following year and renamed Church of the Assumption. Expansion of Highway 494 dramatically changed the look of this area. The old Assumption church was torn down and a new church built facing 77th Street. The cemetery remains in its original location.


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