Bussman's Ice Cream, Hamline Apartments, 726-734 N. Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Hamline Apartments

Address: 726 Snelling Avenue N
Neighborhood/s: Hamline-Midway, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1929
Primary Style: Commercial
Major Alterations: Intact
Moved from Location: no
Historic Function: Apartments/condominiums
Historic Function: commercial functions also
Other Historic Function: commercial functions also
Current Function: Apartments/condominiums
Current Function: commercial
Other Current Function: commercial
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Building Permit Number: 36114
First Owner: Arthur J. Lampert

Hamline-Midway Saint Paul Ramsey County

Bussman's Ice Cream, Hamline Apartments, 726-734 N. Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota
(44.9632813° N, 93.166993° WLatitude: 44°57′47.813″N
Longitude: 93°10′1.175″W

The information provided here is from the 1983 Ramsey County Historical Society and Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission Historic Sites Survey:

Date of site visit 2/17/1981, Fieldworker: G. Whitney

Significant details: "Long brick commercial block separated vertically by four off-white glazed brick piers. A rather large rounded arch window with stone surrounds dominates the second story between the central piers. Window openings have header lintels. Two header string courses separated by diagonally placed soldier course run above the second story windows. A soldier course runs below the cornice level and immediately above it are headers simulating details. Finials extend though piers."

Legal description: "South 1/2 of Lot 7, Block 8, Hamline Plot."

Historical background: "The original owner of this building, which was built for $25,000, was Lampert Investment Company, Arthur J. Lampert, proprietor. A. J. Lampert resided at 2279 Riverwood Place."

Level of significance: "Local"

Statement of significance: "A commercial building that has housed Bussman's Ice Cream, a neighborhood institution, and provided apartment space for student."

Sources of information: "1930 Polk's St. Paul City Directory"



The following information has been researched by Steve & Nancy Bailey, members of the Hamline Midway History Corps.

There have been a wide variety of businesses in the multiple changing addresses that have made up this building over the years. All dates and names are as listed in the Polk's St. Paul City Directories as found at the Minnesota Historical Society archives.

722 Snelling (1927) Scheffler Confectionery (1928) (1929) Hamline Sweet Shop (1939) (1944) Alex Rosenberg Restaurant (1950) Piper Café (1955) (1960) Inn of the Purple Onion Restaurant (1965) Bussmann’s Ice Cream (1986) (1989) Andre Franca Studio (1999) (2009) Moxie Salon

724 Snelling (1929) Labon’s Beauty Shop (1935) - Nestle Circuline Wave (1983) Henries Pizza & Hoagies (1985)

724-28 Snelling (1944) Ike Ecanow Dry Cleaner (1950) Hamline Dry Cleaners (1975)

726 Snelling (1935) Joseph Keller, Dentist / Rudolph Keller, Real Estate (1935) Arthur Schultz, Barber (1950) Hugh Brasie, Dentist (1960)

728 Snelling (1935) Hamline Cleaners - Isaac Ecanow (1939) (1980) World Photo (1986)

730 Snelling (1933) Hamline Hat Shop (1935) Hamline Jewelry Shop, Earl Bollum (1935)

732-34 Snelling (1932) Hamline Cash Market (1936) - Grand Opening April 29-30 1932

730-34 Snelling (1939) Morris Ait - Grocery, Meats (1950) Cut Price Super Market (1954) Lo Price Super Market (1954-1987)

734 Snelling (1975) Divorce Reform, Inc – Along with Lo Price Supermarket (1991) Twin City Army-Navy Surplus (1999) (2007) Hamline University School of Law (2009)

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