Charles Zimmerman's Photographic Studio, 8 West 3rd Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Razed)

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Charles Zimmerman's Photo Studio

Address: 8 3rd Street W
Neighborhood/s: Downtown, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Photo studio and gallery

Downtown Saint Paul Ramsey County

Charles Zimmerman started his career as a photographer at a very young age: He constructed a camera obscura when he was just fourteen years old. Zimmerman brought this device to the pioneer photographer Joel Whitney who was so impressed with the ingenuity and industry of the young Zimmerman that he offered him a job in his daguerreotype gallery. Zimmerman’s career was soon put on hold: Once he turned eighteen he enlisted to fight in the Civil War. In 1865 Zimmerman returned to St. Paul and resumed work in Whitney’s gallery and studio. In 1867 Zimmerman took over Whitney’s photography business, and in 1872 Zimmerman moved the business to this building at number 8 3rd street.

Charles Zimmerman had accomplishments outside of his work in photography. He was a fairly prolific writer. He wrote articles for both local and national publications. He wrote scientific articles about chemistry and optics. Zimmerman was an avid sportsman, and many of the articles he wrote throughout his life were on the subject of sporting. With his brother Edward he published a magazine called Northwestern Amateur. Charles Zimmerman was also a talented painter. His watercolor paintings “The Light Shell” and “Trying for a Double” are fairly well known and considered to be well executed works. Zimmerman obtained the pseudonym Commodore late in life when he owned and operated a fleet of steamboats on Lake Minnetonka.


Memories and stories

Photo Gallery

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