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The Main facade of the CoCo
Address: 213 4th Street E
Neighborhood/s: Downtown, St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1878
Major Alterations: Significant Alterations
Historic Function: Warehouse/storage
Current Function: Business
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Foundation: Brick

Downtown St. Paul Ramsey County

The building is located in the Lowertown Historic District in St. Paul. It has a excellent position. Along the 4th street, it is only a few steps away from the terminal station of the Green Line, and faces the Union Depot. The Lowertown District was a major warehouse, distribution, and transportation center that was comprised of 37 contributing properties in this 16 blocks during 1870-1920. The building was one of them.



Originally used as a warehouse, the building was a typical one build with bricks. After talking to the building owner, I know that the Building used to cover a larger area. In 1927, when the station was built, James J. Hill did not like the building. As a result, the whole block was cut and the façade of the building was reconstructed and set back about 13 feet. The façade of the building has been preserved after the alteration. What is unusual is that the building has larger windows compared to other warehouses, and the material of the interior structure is completely timber, which might be a result of the alteration in 1927.

Memories and stories


When I visited the building, I could see nothing special from its appearance, just like other warehouse buildings, with brick facade and pure geometrical windows. But after entering the building, I felt a completely fresh feeling. With wooden structures, the spaces inside could be easily transformed. There are some courtyard space between 3th and 4th floor, and the whole space looks really open.

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