Jennings Home, 321 West Conway Street, Benton, Arkansas 72015

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Jennings Home

second home of the W.H. Jennings family, Benton, AR
Address: 321 West Conway Street
Benton, Arkansas
Saline County, Arkansas
State/province: Arkansas
Country: United States
Year built: 1929-30
Primary Style: Other
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Architect or source of design: Holland's House Plan Book #20322, Holland's, the Magazine of the South, Dallas, Texas
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Roof: Asphalt Shingles
Material of Foundation: Concrete
First Owner: William Hinton & Lelia Kate Pearson Jennings
Notes: In a letter to his children, dated Christmas Eve 1942, W.H.Jennings let it be known that he lovingly built the home for his wife as she wanted to die in a better home than she was born in. Apparently, there was some consideration for selling it at some point, as he also stated that she loved the home so much that she refused to sign the papers agreeing to sell it. My Grandmother, Lelia Kate Pearson Jennings (called Kate by her husand) passed away 18 Oct., 1939. A delayed AR. Death Certificate was obtained April 30, 1998. The cause of her death was not listed. Family members have agreed that the cause may well have been Cancer of the stomach. W. H. Jenning passed away March 3, 1956 due to heart disease, congestive failure and arteriosclerosis.

Benton Saline

Jennings Home, 321 West Conway Street, Benton, Arkansas 72015
(34.565866° N, 92.590008° WLatitude: 34°33′57.118″N
Longitude: 92°35′24.029″W


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