Memorial Stadium, University Avenue South East, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium
Address: University Avenue SE
Neighborhood/s: University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, East Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1924
Year razed: 1992
Historic Function: Sports facility/stadium
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick

University, East Bank Minneapolis Hennepin

Memorial Stadium was the start to an epidemic of architecture within stadiums for Minnesota. It was designed by James Forseyth. It was an outdoor stadium that was home to the Golden Gophers. Memorial Stadium was first opened in 1924. It was closed in 1982 and then demolished in 1992. It had a nickname of the “Brick House.” The Memorial Stadium is located where the aquatic and alumni center is now built at the University of Minnesota Campus. The original entrance is inside the Alumni Center. It was the track and field venue and served as an anchor for stadium village. When it was closed in 1982, the gophers then moved to playing at the Metrodome.

When built it was $2 million dollars. It was built in a memory and honor of the men and woman “who fearlessly sacrificed themselves in the great war.” ( was also built under the hopes that the stadium would bring supervised play and scholarly activities to the University. It was consisted with wooden bleachers and added temporary bleachers. In the concrete part of the stadium it held 52, 315 and temporary seating held 9, 770. Below is a diagram of where the concrete seating is versus temporary seating.

When the Gophers were moved to the Metrodome it turned out to be a move in the wrong direction. When college games were off campus it ruined the aspect of the "college" atmosphere for games and eventually they lost fans. Most of the fans were very upset over the fact of the Gophers not playing at the Memorial Stadium. When the move happened to the Metrodome, there were a lot of letters of complaints sent in trying to keep the Gophers from having to move from the Traditional location. Not until 1961 the Golden Gophers were the only football team that played for Minnesota in the Minneapolis area that needed a stadium. Before the Metrodome opened in 1982 the Vikings and Twins teams played at the Metropolitan Stadium


Memories and stories

The Memorial Stadium wasn’t all about sports. It’s where the new graduates got to walk and throw their caps. The field was a place that new research was conducted. It was a place of gathering for other various events that were held there. The Gophers won six national championships while playing at the Memorial Stadium. The stadium was a home for track and field, cheerleaders, football players, coaches and fans. When it was being torn down there were activists trying to save the stadium but it could not be done.

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