North Breakwater Lighthouse, Duluth, Minnesota

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North Breakwater Lighthouse

North Breakwater Lighthouse with Aerial Bridge, 1974. Notice Enger Tower on hill in background.
Location of Structure: Located on the North Pier or Breakwater in Canal Park.
Neighborhood/s: Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota
Duluth, Minnesota
Saint Louis County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1910
Historic Function: Lighthouse
Current Function of Structure: Lighthouse

Canal Park Duluth Saint Louis County

North Breakwater Lighthouse, Duluth, Minnesota
(46.780490446201° N, 92.089033126831° WLatitude: 46°46′49.766″N
Longitude: 92°5′20.519″W
The Duluth lighthouse on the North Pier was the last of three to be built in the harbor. It was first illuminated on April 7, 1910. It consists of a 37-foot riveted steel tower on a steel frame, painted white, and is mounted on a concrete base. The tower is 10 feet 6 inches in diameter at the bottom, and tapers to 8 feet in diameter at the top. The lantern room is made of black cast iron and holds a Fifth Order Fresnel Lens made in 1882 by Henri LePaute of Paris. This lighthouse was added after the South Breakwater Lighthouse (1874) because of the very narrow 300-foot canal entry to the Port of Duluth. Both are still working lighthouses. The first Minnesota Point Lighthouse (1858-1885) was shut down after the South lighthouse was completed.


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