Northland Poster Collective, 1613 E Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Northland Poster Collective

Address: 1613 Lake Street E
Neighborhood/s: Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Current Function: Business

Powderhorn Park Minneapolis Hennepin

Northland Poster Collective, 1613 E Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.948367,-93.251036warning.png"44.948367.-93.251036" is not a number. )

Selling Hope: Art and Activism at Northland Poster Collective
The Northland Poster Collective has been a hub of art and activism in the Twin Cities since it formed in 1979 from the Northland Cultural Workers Conference in Minneapolis, with the focus of pursuing political and social justice through art.
"We've always seen change as something that happens as a result of people organizing, not as a result of artists sitting down and making pretty pictures."
Ricardo Levins Morales, Northland Poster Collective member

The Collective does not see art alone as effective activism. The relationship with the community is at the heart of Northland Poster Collective’s work. Northland is dependent on its consumers for survival, and it values its ability to represent untold community stories from a wide variety of social justice causes. "We’ve got to keep providing for those few for whom it’s oxygen," explains Morales. By representing those stories, Northland fills gaps in cultural representation and contributes to larger dialogues on social justice activism. To Morales, this give-and-take relationship is just one of the "consumer issues that is really inherent in the work we do."


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