Pepitos Restaurant, 4820 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Pepitos Mexican Restaurant

Pepitos Restaurant
Address: 4820 Chicago Avenue S
Neighborhood/s: Field Regina Northrup, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Year built: 1900
Primary Style: A-Frame
Secondary Style: Commercial
Additions: (1974)Purchased and incorporated 4816 Chicago (Chicago floral) building which was originally part of Parkway theater building. (1982) purchased and incorporated 4824 Chicago, formerly "Plymouth plumbing building". Two additions were added to back of 4820 Chicago building to expand the kitchen, approxomatley 1975 and again 1982.
Major Alterations: Significant Alterations
Moved from Location: 4820 and 4822 were moved to present location in 1916 from 4800 Chicago Avenue South
Historic Function: Business
Historic Function: 1900, Carpentry, Electrical business
Other Historic Function: 1900, Carpentry, Electrical business
Current Function: Restaurant
Current Function: Movie and Live event facility
Other Current Function: Movie and Live event facility
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Wood
Material of Roof: Asphalt
Material of Foundation: Brick
Notes: Owners: Original owner of building unknown, converted building to Tavern and business was named The Colonial Tavern and run by two women, building and business sold to Ernie Peacock, about 1940's - 1950's, Purchased by Van Jackson, about 1950's to 1968 (death), Wife Helen Jackson assumed ownership, Business Sold 1968 to 2 Unknown individuals, Repossesed by Helen Jackson in 1969-70, Building and business sold to William and Susan Senkyr 1971 to present

Field Regina Northrup Minneapolis Hennepin County

Pepitos Restaurant, 4820 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.915748390882° N, 93.262680172907° WLatitude: 44°54′56.694″N
Longitude: 93°15′45.649″W

Pepitos restaurant is comprised of several address, 4814, 4816, 4820 and 4824 Chicago. The original building, 4820 Chicago Avenue, built in 1900, was originally located at 4800 Chicago avenue south and moved to its present location in 1916. The building was first used as a carpentry and electrical workshop then converted to a tavern named "The Colonial" in 1928. After a series of owners, most notably, Ernie Peacock and later Van Jackson, it was sold to William and Susan Senkyr, by Jackson's widow, Helen, in 1971. In 1974 the name was changed to "Pepitos" and has remained such. Because of it's popularity it has expanded several times, once to 4816 Chicago, formerly "Parkway Floral", again in 1982 with the purchase and incorporation of 4824 Chicago, formerly "Plymouth Plumbing and Casa De Bano, from Helen and Ken Andreasen, Pepitos now has a restaurant seating capacity of 285 and with the addition of The Parkway Theater at 4814 Chicago, in 2007 from Bill Irvine, Pepitos now has an additional, 400 theater seating.


Memories and stories


A kitchen fire in 1975 forced an upgrade of the kitchen facility and ultimately increased production capabilities and commitment to the food business.


Thus far five generations of the Senkyr/Rodriguez family have worked at Pepitos.

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