Peter Blesi Home, 12015 West Hayden Lake Road, Dayton, Minnesota (1869-1969)

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Peter Blesi Home

Picture taken in 1909 of Henry Blesi home of Peter Blesi
Night time exsposure of stuccoed house by Gordon Blesi
Address: Hayden Lake Road W
Dayton, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1869
Year razed: 1969
Primary Style: A-Frame
Secondary Style: American Four-Square
Additions: Enclosed back porch
Major Alterations: Some/mostly intact
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Builder: Peter Blesi
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Wood
Material of Roof: Shingle
Material of Foundation: Stone
Building Permit Number: none
First Owner: Peter Blesi
Part of the Site: Former town of New Schwanden, Minnesota
Notes: The main shed was constructed of a typical Swiss style sloped roof for a shop machine shop & cheese processing use.

2 story, 5 bedroom home, T design.

Dayton Hennepin County

Peter Blesi Home, 12015 West Hayden Lake Road, Dayton, Minnesota (1869-1969)
(45.172098° N, 93.4216486° WLatitude: 45°10′19.553″N
Longitude: 93°25′17.935″W

This building was built from virgin timer sawed at the Franklin Cook Mill in 1865 and the lumber stacked for cureing. It was built in 1869 by Peter Blesi and four generations lived in this home. The second was Henry Blesi, and the third generation was Harry H. Blesi & Gordon W. Blesi with children of all families. It had boards that were 12 & 14 inches wide with square nails of this time period.The out buildings included a shed built of a typical Swiss sloped roof & had a shop & forge on the south end and machine shed & a cheese processing area on the north end, other buildings were a wood shed with a ice house, a chicken coop and a log barn which was replaced in 1927 with a larger barn & a pump house by the barn yard and a windmill on top of the high hill with 2 cisterns to supply water by gravity for the barn & also had a grainery and a hog house.The last barn burned down in 1959 which put and end to the dairy farming and continued with agriculture farming until 1965 when Gordon Blesi sold the 110 acres to the Hennepin County Park Reserve. The house was razed in 1969 by Elm Creek Park Reserve. [1]



The first log cabin was built from logs felled from May 1854 until the construction started of which Peter Blesi purchased a yoke of oxen in Jan 1855 for $155.00 with repayment agreement of 60% in one yr.& drove the oxen across the Mississippi river ice to the building sites to build the several cabins of these pioneers.Peter Blesi Moved into His cabin on March 25,1855 with the other families following.He sent for His wife Margareatha Zimmermann Blesi to come from St.Anthony (Minneapolis) to live in the cabin,& on the way to Champlin the stage coach tipped over & She had a broken arm of which there was no Doctor available to set Her arm that it healed crooked & She walked 2 1/2 miles to the cabin. Peter Blesi also built a log barn with a hay loft in it.In Sep.1855 the last survey of the area was done by Harlan Nolan of which in the foot notes it was stated that They found several cabins with paths from one cabin to the other in this primitive forest.Peter Blesi was a shrewd man as a eecird has been found that on March 17,1855 He purchased a lot 15 for the standard price of $25.00 in New Glarus, WI. by proxy and sold the 20 acres of land for $48.00 which was recorded in the record books of New Glarus, WI, which helped pay part of the purchase price for the oxen of which no doubt the other families pitch- ed in to pay for the oxen. [1]

Memories and stories


I was born on March 19,1921 in the old Peter Blesi home of which I remember many features of the homestead of the log barn and have compiled many stories and events of reported happenings of this Swiss Community of which I have found many documents for the history of those who lived in this community which is now fully documented and hope to find a place to display the History of which a interested frend Thomas Schaetti found some of My historical documents and requested for Me to send him the history for New Schwanden,MN as Hewas appointed to present the History at the RYSLAUDERHUSS-museum in Schwanden, Switzerland.On May 14,2005 He started to present the History & on Sep. 10,2005 My wife Helen & I went as honored guests to take part in His presentation of New Schwanden, MN. of which He did a wonderful job in German of the History.
By Wayne C. Blesi.


65}px This place is part of the
New Schwanden, Minnesota, USA

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