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Image of 445 Smith Avenue North
Anthony Waldman House, 445 Smith Avenue North, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Until recently, the limestone building at 445 Smith Avenue was known in surveys and local architectural history books as the “Anthony Waldman House.” However, recent research and analysis of the building has revealed that the Waldman House was not in fact built by Waldman, and was not originally a "house" either. Instead, the structure was a small commercial building with residential quarters on the second floor. Documentary evidence suggests that the stone portion of the building dates to the late fall of 1857, coinciding with the onset of the Panic of 1857. Another unexpected discovery is that parts of the the wood frame addition to the rear of the stone building actually predate the stone portion, making the latter the true "addition." The research is ongoing, and no doubt the Waldman House has more stories to tell.

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