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Paramount Theatre, 913 St. Germain Street West, Saint Cloud, Minnesota

On Christmas Eve, 1921, citizens of Central Minnesota paid fifty cents to attend the grand opening of "St. Cloud's Largest and Finest Playhouse," The Sherman Theatre. The event, featuring D.W. Griffith's silent film "Way Down East" was accompanied by a live orchestra. This was the beginning of generations of entertainment at the theatre including Vaudeville acts, operas, concerts, Broadway road shows, animal acts, wrestling matches, speeches, political rallies, plays and movies. By the mid 1960s the Paramount had fallen into disrepair. The building fell victim to fire on Tuesday, January 15, 1985. The damage was extensive; estimated at $60,000. During the early 1990s the Paramount was patched and upgraded to provide a home for live theatre again. The cooperation of many groups was needed to complete the Paramount Theater's renovation. More than just a theater, the Paramount Theater Resource Trust is working to improve artistic opportunities for residents of Central Minnesota.

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