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Eddy Hall, 192 Pillsbury Drive Southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eddy Hall was constructed in 1886 as the Mechanic Arts Building for the University of Minnesota. The building is the oldest existing building on the Minneapolis campus. The architect was Leroy Buffington . Originally the Mechanic Arts Building, the name was changed to Eddy Hall to honor Henry Turner Eddy a professor of engineering and mathematics and the Dean of the Graduate School for the university. The building originally housed the mathematics, drawing, civil-municipal-structural engineering departments, as well as testing laboratories.

In recent years the Veterans Transition Center, UCCS Test Center, Student Academic Success Services, Career Development Program, Counseling & Consulting Services, Spanish and Portuguese language studies, and the Student Conflict Resolution Center had offices in the building.

Eddy Hall will be closed on June 30, 2011.

Although the University says it has "no plans for demolition," unless an academic program, research institute or adminstrative office move into Eddy Hall in the near future, it's existence could be endangered.

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