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701 3rd Street North, Minneapolis, Minnesota

It was in front of this building on Bloody Friday that striker Henry Ness was shot and killed by Minneapolis police. The 1934 strikes really stemmed from the winter of 1933-34 when socialist militants such as the Dunne brothers (V.R. (Ray), Miles and Grant) and Swedish immigrant Carl Skoglund had effectively shut down delivery of coal during the coldest part of the year. This victory lifted their status as organizers among the area’s truck drivers. By the spring of 1934, anger among the drivers over wages and working conditions had reached such a level that a powerful strike was possible. The union, Local 574 (today Teamsters Local 120) was up against the Citizens Alliance. On July 20, what has become known as “Bloody Friday,” unarmed strikers were confronted by police, who opened fire with handguns and shotguns. When the confrontation ended, 67 strikers were shot and two, Henry Ness and John Belor, died of their wounds. In July 2015 the Remember 1934 committee had a commemorative plaque placed on this building.
This Placeography post is in honor of labor historian and professor Hy Berman who died on November 29th 2015.

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