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3820 West Calhoun Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The three-acre Ueland estate was located at the corner of West Calhoun Parkway, west of Richfield Road. The first house on the site, was Elizabeth Hamilton's boarding house, where writer Henry David Thoreau and Horace Mann, Jr. stayed during their 1861 visit to Lake Calhoun. During his stay, Thoreau swam in Lake Calhoun, studied the local flora and fauna, and wrote about the area in his diary. Twenty-three years later, in 1884, Andreas and Clara Ueland bought the house and land. In 1890 they demolished the Hamilton house and built their own house on the site. The house was demolished in 1953. Andreas was a lawyer and a judge. Clara, was a involved in improving the curriculum in the Minneapolis school system. She was also a nationally recognized suffragette. In 1913 Clara Ueland organized the Equal Suffrage Association of Minneapolis to energize and politicize the local movement. In 1914, she organized a parade of nearly 2,000 suffrage supporters in Minneapolis—an event that had a dramatic impact on changing attitudes and perceptions about women who wanted the right to vote. Later that same year, Ueland was elected president of the Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association.

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