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Burma Shave, 2019 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

In 1925, the Burma-Vita Company first developed a brushless shaving cream which Clinton Odell and George Hamley named Burma Shave. The first of the Burma Shave signs were put up in the fall of 1925 on Highway 61 and Highway 65 from Minneapolis to Red Wing and Albert Lea. By 1937, over 7,000 sets of the signs were located along highways throughout the country. The advertising campaign was extremely successful and the company grossed over 3 million dollars per year at its height. In 1933. Burma Shave moved to another location in Minneapolis in 1940. In 2015, Minneapolis Public Schools selected the site of the former Burma Shave factory for a new building. In 2015 Steve Sandberg and Shari Albers founded an organization to "Save the Shave." They testified at public hearings, gathered signatures for a petition and held rallies. On February 7, 2017, the Burma Shave building was demolished.

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