Reid H. Ray Film Industries, 2269 Ford Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Razed)

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Reid H. Ray Film Industries

Address: 2269 Ford Parkway
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Historic Function: Motion Picture Studio

Saint Paul Ramsey

In 1915 Reid Ray joined Raths-Seavolt Film Manufacturing Company as a camera technician. Ray had gained production experience while at Iowa State where he worked for the athletic department. Reid Ray was a pioneer of sports cinematography: He was the first person to capture motion picture footage of football games for the purpose of coaching and training.

By the 1930s, Charles Bell and Reid Ray were the last remaining partners, and the firm was called Ray-Bell Films. During WWII Ray-Bell Films produced more films for the Office of Education than any other film company. By the middle of the century, with its origin in 1910 as Raths-Seavolt, Ray-Bell Films was the oldest commercial filmmaking company in the United States. These 1950s and 1960s images from the MNHS Photo and Art Database reflect a time when Reid Ray was the sole owner and operator, and the firm was called Reid H. Ray Film Industries. Sometime in the 1970s Reid H. Ray Film Industries ceased to exist by any name, and this building on Ford Parkway was subsequently demolished. Ray-Bell Films occupied another building at 823 University can still be seen today.


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