Second Evangelical Lutheran German Church of New Schwanden, Minnesota (1897-1954)

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German Evan.Luth.Church of N.S.

German Evangelical Lutheran Church-1897
Address: 11691 Zachary Lane N
Dayton, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Year built: 1897
Year razed: 1954 - April
Primary Style: A-Frame
Additions: There was a small building on the back of the Church which was a dressing room or a toilet (outhouse)
Major Alterations: Some/mostly intact
Historic Function: Religious/Place of worship
Historic Function: Church
Builder: Local Carpenters & mason Jacob Maag
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Roof: Shingle
Material of Foundation: Stone
Building Permit Number: Warrenty Deed 1897
First Owner: Community Church of New Schwanden, MN
Part of the Site: Former town of New Schwanden, Minnesota
Notes: Solid to Chamolin American Legion in 1952.

A-frame with a bell tower & front Door entrance

Conformation Classes untill 1932

Dayton Hennepin County

Second Evangelical Lutheran German Church of New Schwanden, Minnesota (1897-1954)
(45.166899° N, 93.42273° WLatitude: 45°10′0.836″N
Longitude: 93°25′21.828″W

This building was built by local carpenters and Mason Jacob Maag of Champlin Mn.There was a bell tower on the front of the Church entrance of which the bell was made in Switzerland & engraved -Donated by Agatha Paul 1897 - The cost for the Church was $1,300.00 with out the pews & organ.There was a small Building at the back of the Church for the Pastor dressing room or a toilet 9Outhouse. There were2 livery stables on the south sideof the church with 8-10 stalls in each stable shed & on the south end of the back west stable had a Toilet (Outhouse). There was also a water pump in the front lawn on the south side a depth of 130 feet.After 1952 when the congregation failed to thrive the remaining members sold the Church to the American Legion of Champlin, MN.which was not according to the Church regulations.

After one meeting of the legion members their wives went and destroyed the inside of their hall. The Church was then sold for residential use and the funds put into the perpetual care for the St. Fridolin Cemetery Association across the road from the Church.In 1880 the muddy road was extended to join up to the 109th Ave No.which had sections made with logs & gravel called corduroy bridges or roads.[1]


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