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Stuart was a member of Stuart and Cobb lumber business.? (Relevance?) Do you need to add David and Mary Stuart to the header?
~Dot Drake

Joe The header is the Haupt-Smith House. Why is Stuart mentioned when there is no other info except the line at the top of this page. (I have no idea where I saw "David and Mary Stuart".) It is a mystery to me.

If the name is relevant, should it be in the Title? I am confused as to why he is mentioned at all, much less the opening sentence.

I believe that Stuart was the original owner of the house thus the "David and Mary Stuart House" which is how it is probably classified in the Ramsey County Historic Survey. The house is usually named after the first owners unless a previous owner was particularly notable Ex: James Arness House.

Smith was notible as well (Smith Park in Lowertown - now Mears Park and Former mayor of Saint Paul) So Haupt-Smith House could work as well. I am curious as to what it is called in preservation circles.
Hooverjp 23:16, July 13, 2008 (CDT)

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