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Archived tasks


Special:EditData/Building/ - add help text at top about adding a memory?

At the top of the Special:EditData/Building/ form, can we add a gray box that gives help text for people just there to add a memory?

The help text would be: To add a memory or story about this place scroll down to the "Add your memory" section.

Then, down in the section where the memory is added, add that other help text that I wrote on the paper.


Editing Existing Sites

I'm trying to edit a few of the site entries that I have created and I keep getting an error message. If I clikc on "edit with form", I get this message: "Error: No form page was found at Site." 'site' is a link to the edit without a form page. It has been like this since yesterday.

Thanks, Ula

I don't know if you've noticed, but the big white space that appears, only happens when you have a google map on the site.

Thanks for fixing the link!

The two brown county courthouses are different. The razed one was previous to the current one.

Brown County Courthouse

Yes the two pictures are the same. I assumed that a building supposedly razed in 1904 wouldn't have a picture dated 1925. Opps.

How to add link to neighborhood page?

I would like to add a link to the article I created about the building that housed my grandfather's grocery store on Payne ave. (Nelson Bros. Grocers, 1020 Payne Ave.) to the Payne-Phalen neighborhood page. It seems I'm not able to add links to that article. Please advise. Thanks!

Thanks for the help & welcome!

I added a Google map to my page on 1020 Payne Ave (Nelson Bros Grocery building). Thanks for the encouragement! David Nelson was my grandfather, and I spent many a pleasant hour at the grocery store as a child. The photos I posted are treasured family photos. I will sit down and write up some memories when I get a chance. Payne Avenue was a really interesting place at the turn of the century, quite the epicenter of Swedish immigrant life in St. Paul. It makes me sad to see how much it has all changed, but history still lives in memories & on the internet.

I've been trying to upload a photo to "Lake Harrier Waiting Station" but must be doing something wrong. The caption shows but no photo. I've tried uploading it a few times.

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