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Add Link to Right on Lake Street to Left Hand Nav - Done

The left hand nav is looking good. Please add a link to the Right on Lake Street project to the left hand nav. This may not need to stay there permanently, but I think it should be there as long the exhibit is open through March. Thanks.

Change the Main Page - DONE

Can you change the main page to include the following blocks?

About Placeography

Placeography is a wiki where you can share the history of and stories about a house, building, farmstead, public land, neighborhood or or any place to which you have a personal connection. If you don't have a place to contribute, please enjoy learning about others.

To get started learn how to add content then add a building.

Right on Lake Street

Share a story or memory about a place along Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota at Right on Lake Street.

National Register of Historic Places

Learn about National Register of Historic Places, the nation's official list of properties deemed worthy of preservation.

Related Reading

Learn more about places in the Twin Cities.

Add Directional to Info Box -DONE

The street directional is not appearing in the address in the templates Info Box.

Help Text for Add a Building form -- DONE

This doesn't need to be done for Tuesday, but ... on the Add a Building form, can we change the introductory text to:


This is the first step to add information about a building. It can be used for houses, commercial and public buildings.

In the space below, enter the name of the building using this suggested format:

Building Name (optional), Street Address, City/Locality, State/Province, Country (optional)

For example, a home with a name associated with it, such as the James J. Hill House, would be entered as: James J. Hill, 240 Summit Ave, St Paul, MN

A home without a name would be entered as: 123 Maple St, St Paul, MN

If a page with the same name already exists, you will be sent to the form for editing that building. Otherwise, you will be sent to the form for adding the building.

Move Directional above City/Locality --DONE

Can you move the Directional attribute above the City/Locality attribute? And can you label it "Street Directional"?


Add image link for book cover of National Register of Historic Places -DONE

When you create the third column of book covers, can you also add one for the National Register of Historic Places in Minnesota?

Pertinent info:

Image caption: National Register of Historic Places in Minnesota Image id: 0873514483f.jpg already uploaded Links to:

Change Right on Lake Street Link on Left Hand Nav -DONE

Sorry ... I think I may I have been unclear ... the left hand nav link to Right On Lake Street should be an internal link to Project:Right_on_Lake_Street.

I thought we should have a link on the left nav in case someone in the gallery wants to get back to the Project: page.


Change Placeography tag line -DONE

Please change the placeography tag line on the main page to the following:

A website about any place anywhere that anyone can edit

Can you make the text a little more prominent? Increase text size? Change color? Make bold?

Building Submit Page is not working totally - FIXED

will replace pages with a custom page that uses the "#forminput" function

This isn't fatal, but after I enter data on the Building Form and click save page, I go to this page, it says "Done" in the bottom status bar but the page returns as a blank. I have to hit Refresh to see the page. The building does get added.

Please move image2 caption under the image --DONE

Please do that.

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