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Job list....

  1. Add Link to Right on Lake Street to Left Hand Nav - DONE
  2. Change the Main Page - DONE
  3. Add Directional to Info Box -DONE
  4. Special:EditData/Building/ - add help text at top about adding a memory? --Change needs to be done on the server.
  5. Help Text for Add a Building form -- DONE - Are we Abbreviating Avenue, Street, Saint etc... ?
  6. Move Directional above City/Locality -- DONE

Building Submit Page is not working totally

I think getting ride of the old google maps extension helped. It probably was conflecting with the Semantic Maps extension. Also Yaron recommended a change to our forms which I like and will work on when I get back.

One other thing: since everything else looks so nice, the awkwardness of the text in the three "AddPage" pages (" be edited with the form...") somewhat stands out. You could consider replacing each page with a custom page that uses the "#forminput" function, and has its own text; or placing all three inputs on a single new page that does the same thing.

For an example go to Sandbox.

Promoting this project

I've seen the abstract "Developing the Usable Semantic Wiki" about this project and it sounds very interesting. Therefore I want to invite you to promote in the MuseumsWiki. --ThT 10:22, February 18, 2008 (CST)

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