Albert Wolff House, 318 Goodhue Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Albert Wolff House

Albert Wolff house
Address: 318 Goodhue Street
Neighborhood/s: West 7th, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1887
Primary Style: Queen Anne
Secondary Style: Colonial Revival
Building Permit Number: 9967
First Owner: Albert Wolff

West 7th Saint Paul Ramsey

Albert Wolff House, 318 Goodhue Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota
(44.936287° N, 93.113682° WLatitude: 44°56′10.633″N
Longitude: 93°6′49.255″W

Albert Wolff, a German immigrant and newspaper editor, had this house built in 1887. The permit was taken out on March 21, 1887. Work commenced on April 6, and the house was completed by May 30, 1887, according to the building permit.



Albert Wolff lived here only briefly. By 1890, his is listed in the Saint Paul city directory at another address. In 1893, during the midst of an economic crisis in Saint Paul and the U.S. generally, the Panic of 1893, Wolff became despondent and committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a train at the Saint Paul Union Depot.

From 1891 to 1910 John F. and Barbara Picha are listed as the occupants of this home in city directories. John worked as a "traveling man," a salesman and as a manager of a shoe factory. In the 1900 census John and Barbara, both of whom immigrated from Bohemia in 1867, are listed as living in the home with three children, John A., Georgie P., and Rose J.[1]

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