Despatch Laundry Building, 2611 First Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Despatech Laundry Building

Address: 2611 1st Avenue S
Neighborhood/s: Whittier, Minneapolis, Alabama
Minneapolis, Alabama
Hennepin County, Alabama
State/province: Alabama
Country: United States
Year built: 1929
Historic Function: Business
Current Function: Business
Architect or source of design: Louis B. Bershack

Whittier Minneapolis Hennepin

This small, but elaborate building in Whittier, Minneapolis was built as the Despatch Laundry Co. building in 1929 by architect Louis B. Bershack, who was better known for his apartment buildings. The storefront serves as form of advertising for the business. The building is eye-catching in the residential neighborhood of Whittier, Minneapolis, with its onion dome, pointed arches, patterned brickwork, mosaic tile, and narrow minarets. It was renovated in 1981 and now houses an office space.


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