Duluth Armory

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Duluth Armory

View of the armory from the nearby Rose Garden.
Historic photograph of the Duluth Armory.
Address: 1307 London Road
Neighborhood/s: East Hillside, Duluth, Minnesota
Duluth, Minnesota
Saint Louis County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1915
Primary Style: Classical Revival
Additions: 1940 Expansion
Historic Function: Military facility
Historic Function: Auditoriums/music facility
Other Historic Function: Auditoriums/music facility
Current Function: Other
Architect or source of design: Philip Bettenberg, Clyde Kelly, Owen Williams
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Brick
Material of Roof: Asphalt
Material of Foundation: Concrete
First Owner: Minnesota National Guard

East Hillside Duluth Saint Louis County

Duluth Armory
(46.798963° N, 92.080574° WLatitude: 46°47′56.267″N
Longitude: 92°4′50.066″W
National Register of Historic Places Information
Reference URL: [Reference]
Certification date: June 1, 2011
Primary Style: Classical Revival
Year/s of Additions: 1940

Completed in 1915, the Duluth Armory was constructed as a training facility for the Minnesota National Guard. The Armory has also served as an important cultural hub as a music venue.



The Duluth Armory was built in 1915 to replace the inadequate armory built in 1896. At the time of its construction, the Duluth Armory second only to the Minneapolis Armory in terms of size in the state of Minnesota. It was also five times as expensive as other comparable military training facilities of the era. This is due to several factors: one, that the facility had then state of the art training rooms, two, that the building combined military and entertainment programs, and three, that the building is situated directly on top of Chester Creek, an important trout stream in Duluth.

Historic Functions

The 125th Artillery trained at this facility before going on to join in more days of combat than any other unit in World War II. In addition to serving military purposes, the Armory has also provided performace space for many influential American musicians of the 20th century. This list includes Harry Truman, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, Liberace, and Buddy Holly. Notably, Bob Dylan was inspired to pursue his now illustrious career after seeing Buddy Holly and Friends perform at the Duluth Armory.

Present Day

The Armory is located just north of several public amenities, including the Lakewalk, the Rose Garden, and Leif Erickson Park. In 1978, the Armory was purchased by the city of Duluth, and its use as an armory was put to an end. The Armory has been threatened by demolition since 2000, but was placed on the National Historic Register in June of 2011. Currently, the building is for lease via the At Water Group.

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