Faribault County Courthouse, 415 North Main, Blue Earth, Minnesota

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Faribault County Courthouse

Faribault County Courthouse, 1908
Address: 415 North Main
Blue Earth, Minnesota
Faribault County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1892
Primary Style: Richardsonian Romanesque
Additions: In 1974, a west wing was added, which cost $485,000.
Major Alterations: Some/mostly intact
Historic Function: Courthouse
Current Function: Courthouse
Architect or source of design: S.J. Hoban
Builder: C.S. Dunham
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Stone
Material of Roof: Ceramic Tile
Material of Foundation: Limestone

Blue Earth Faribault County

National Register of Historic Places Information
Reference Number: 77000731
Certification date: April 11, 1977
Primary Style: Richardsonian Romanesque
Year/s of Major Alterations: 1976
Year/s of Additions: 1974

The Faribault county courthouse is seated in Blue Earth, Minnesota. A 36x45 two-story building was built and opened in 1872. After controversy surrounding which town should be the county seat, Blue Earth won the nomination again. The original building was razed in 1891 and a new courthouse was erected. The architect and contractor were allotted $42,120 dollars, but by the time the new courthouse was finished, the total cost was $70,000. The courthouse was built using local materials, which were hauled into the area from nearby quarries and rivers. One of the most prominent features of the new courthouse was a 7-story tower, which was restored and repaired in 1976



The seven story tower was repaired and restored in 1976 through a bicentennial commission grant. Other towers, cupolas, chimneys, and fireplaces have been taken down throughout the years.

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