Pillsbury A Mill Machine Shop, 400 2nd Street Southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Machine Shop

Address: 400 Main Street SE
Neighborhood/s: Marcy-Holmes, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saint Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saint Anthony Falls Historic District, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Manufacturing facility
Part of the Site: Pillsbury A Mill

Marcy-Holmes, Saint Anthony Falls, Saint Anthony Falls Historic District Minneapolis Hennepin

The Pillsbury Machine Shop was built in 1916 adjacent to the Bran House (demolished)and “A” Mill. This two-story brick industrial building has the form and typical appearance of an early twentieth-century shop building. Exterior walls of tan brick on three sides enclose a steel frame.

The lower portion of the southwestern wall is the rubble limestone wall of the Bran House built in 1881 (no longer standing) that served as a party wall for the two buildings; the upper wall is covered with modern ribbed steel siding. A freight door with an exterior hoist beam near the north end of the 2nd Street SE façade breaks the regular fenestration pattern. Two bays of the ground story have wide vehicular doors (HABS 1987 No. MN-29-5C).

Significance The Pillsbury Machine Shop was built as part of Pillsbury’s Modernization Era work on the Pillsbury “A” Mill property because the former machine shop was demolished. The machine shop is considered to be a separate, contributing building in the St. Anthony Falls Historic District. The building is unremarkable in design and construction. The machine shop represents the modernization era of the complex and as part of the Pillsbury complex has significance under Criterion A.

Character-Defining Features The character-defining features of the Machine Shop are its two-story form; the exposure of the rubble limestone wall erected as part of the 1881 Bran House; pier-to-pier window openings filled with three sets of double-hung wood sash; vehicular doors; second-story freight door and exterior hoist beam; and low-pitched roof edged with partial parapet walls on the north and south facades.



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Saint Anthony Falls Historic District


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