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Ripley Memorial Maternity Hospital, 301 Penn Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ripley Hospital for Women (known until 1955 as Maternity Hospital) was founded by Dr. Martha G. Ripley in November 1866 (incorporated in July 1887) as a facility for unmarried women and needy married women. The institution also helped to place those children given up by their mothers for adoption. Her first maternity hospital was located at 316 15th Street South in Minneapolis. The next location was a house at 2529 4th Avenue South. In 1896, Ripley purchased the house and land of A.T. Ankeny, located on five acres on the corner of Glenwood (Western) and Penn Avenues North. A new building for the Maternity Hospital was constructed shortly after Ripley’s death in 1912. When completed in 1915 the building was named The Martha G. Ripley Memorial Maternity hospital. Ripley's ashes were laid in the cornerstone. Three of the original buildings remain on the site: Ripley Memorial Hospital, Emily Paddock Cottage and the Babies' Bungalow at 2215 Western Avenue (now 301 Penn Avenue North) The hospital closed in 1956. The Queen Care Nursing Home used the buildings until 2000. The buildings remained vacant until 2006 when Aeon, a non-profit developer of affordable housing, purchased and converted the hospital and its cottages to housing.

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