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Electric Fetus, 521 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1968-1972)

The year 1968 was one of extreme change for the country. It was in this spirit of revolution that the Fetus began its existence, founded by four friends on Minneapolis’ West Bank, the center of the city’s hip scene. The original Electric Fetus was as much of a cultural experiment as a retail establishment. The stories from those halcyon days are part of Twin Cities underground legend. There’s the story of one of the owners being given a citation for refusing to take down a drawn, caricature poster of John and Yoko’s Two Virgins with Richard and Pat Nixon’s faces on the bodies.
June 1968: University of Minnesota students Dan Foley and Ron Korsh opened the Electric Fetus at 521 Cedar Av. S. on Minneapolis’ West Bank.
1970: The Fetus moved across the street to 514 Cedar Av. S.
June 1972: The store relocated to 2010 4th Av. S., in the same building as a printing company and hardware store
1995: The Minneapolis store expanded, taking over the entire building
Of the original four founders only Keith Covart remains. Keith’s daughter Stephanie and husband Aaron came on board a number of years ago to carry on the Fetus family-owned tradition. In June 2018, the Electric Fetus celebrated its' 50 year anniversary.

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