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Placeography is a collaborative work. Anybody can edit it, and as such there can be no warranty on the reliability of the content of this website and/or links to other websites that it contains. You use the information on this website entirely at your own risk.

If you feel that your work has been included on this website against your copyright, you should contact the administrators with proof of this.

The administrators cannot be held responsible for the content of any image or text submitted beyond the right to remove and/or block any content for any reason at their discretion.

The moderators/administrators reserve the right to edit or mark for cleanup any article which does not meet their standards according to their good judgement.

Wiki Rules of Conduct

Contributors and editors must register in order to provide or edit content. The purpose of this registration is to reduce vandalism. Registrants will be required to provide their zip/postal code or country but not mailing address. The privacy of registrants will be protected.

Contributors are strongly encouraged to cite their sources.

Users need not be the present or former owners of residents of the property. For instance, you may want to include an intriguing home in your neighborhood, a favorite childhood haunt, or the house where your grandparents lived.

We respect the privacy of current property owners. Owners are welcome to include their names on wiki entries, but others should not include current owner names, especially of private homes, without the explicit permission of the owners. If a current owner requests that information about them be removed, then it will be removed.

This is an educational site, intended for capturing history. The wiki will not be used to promote properties for sale or rent, nor is it to be used to offer property-related services.

Negative judgments about properties, owners, occupants, or firms involved in building or remodeling are discouraged and are subject to removal. Comments should be descriptive rather than judgmental. For example, you could note have a particular property has been extensively changed, enlarged, or altered in a specific way such as a change in the roofline.

Contributors are welcome to include photographs they created and should include a credit with their name as photographer. For images from other sources contributors should get permission from the source before uploading.

Some buildings and sites on this wiki are part of the National Register of Historic Properties. In Minnesota the National Register program is administered by the Minnesota Historical Society State Historic Preservation Office. Official information on Minnesota National Register properties can be found at

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