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[[Has location locality/province::Minnesota]] [[Historic function::Post office]]
[[Has location state-province::Minnesota]] [[Historic function::Post office]]
| ?Building number=#
| ?Building number=#
| ?Has location street=Street
| ?Has location street=Street

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# Street Neighborhood
3706 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 37063,706 Park Avenue
Minneapolis Post Office (Main Post Office), 100 South 1st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 100100 South 1st Street Downtown West;Saint Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Saint Anthony Falls Historic District, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Savage Post Office (Garvey Store), 12385 Ottawa Avenue, Savage, Minnesota 1238512,385 Ottawa Avenue
Savage Post Office (Riley Store), 123rd Street and Ottawa Avenue, Savage, Minnesota (Razed)
Scandia Post Office (Copas) 16396 199th Street, Scandia Minnesota 199th Street Copas, Scandia, Minnesota
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