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773 6th Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Keller Family Print Shop. According to City Directory although it was a separate building as see on the Rascher Insurance Map of 1891  +
785 Dayton Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota +none  +


88-92 West 4th Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Razed) +Photographic Studio  +


901 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Department Store  +


Alcuin Library, 2836 Abbey Plaza, Collegeville, Minnesota +Seminar Rooms  +, Auditoriums  +, Typing Room  +,
Alexander Faribault House, 12 Northeast 1st Avenue, Faribault, Minnesota +Civic center  +, Church  +
Alexandria Public Library, 7th Avenue W and Fillmore Street, Alexandria, Minnesota +Museum and Community Room  +
Alfred Palmquist Photographic Gallery, 7th Street and Cedar Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Razed) +Pacific Steam Marble and Granite Works  +
Alice Shevlin Hall, 164 Pillsbury Drive, SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Women's Student Union  +
Annice E. Keller House, 761 6th Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Rental House  +
Anthony Waldman House, 445 Smith Avenue North, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Saloon (?)  +, store (?)  +, residence (after 1860)  +
Archdiocese Chancery and Residence, 226-230 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota +House/single dwelling or duplex  +
Armstrong-Quinlan House, 227 Eagle Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Nursing Home  +
Augustana Lutheran Church, 701 11th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Church  +
Ayd Mill +Gristmill  +
Ayer's Photographic Studio, Main Street, Dodge Center, Minnesota +Photographic studio of Ellis Ayers  +


Bandshell, 1302 Cooper Street, Falcon Heights, Minnesota +Bandshell  +
Banfill Tavern, 6666 East River Road, Fridley, Minnesota +Hotel  +
Batcher Opera House, 418 2nd Avenue NE, Staples, Minnesota +Hardware and Grocery Store  +
Bauer's Studio, 225 Johnson Street, Winona, Minnesota (Razed) +Photography Studio  +
Beal's Photographic Studio, 34 Washington Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Razed) +Photography Studio and Art Gallery  +
Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Research  +, Theater  +
Blair Flats, 165 Western Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota +Hotel  +
Burma Shave, 2019 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota +Business  +
Bussman's Ice Cream, Hamline Apartments, 726-734 N. Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota +commercial functions also  +
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