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== '''Healy Forbes House, 3137 2nd Avenue South''' ==
== '''Healy Forbes House, 3137 2nd Avenue South''' ==
Shouldn't this be hyphenated?
Shouldn't this be hyphenated?
== Healy Rea House, 3131 2nd Avenue South ==

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Peavey Plaza, Nicollet Mall

Plaza is frozen over and becomes a popular icing rink Should this be ice skating rink?

Buildings in Highland Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota


Edgecumbe Court Apartments, 1095 Osceola Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

? Neighborhood ?

Zip code 55105

Downtown, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Archdiocese Chancery and Residence, 226-230 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul


Saint Paul Curling Club, 470 Selby Avenue West I've never seen a Selby address "west". Is this correct?

Armstrong-Quinlan House, 227 Eagle Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Historic Function: Nursing Home

Other Historic Function: Nursing Home(? Verify duplicate) (Use Key Hospital for Recovering Alcoholics?)

Saint Paul City Hall - Ramsey County Courthouse, 15 Kellogg Boulevard West, Saint Paul, Minnesota

and the towering onyx sculpture “Vision of Peace” by Carl Milles.

Next paragraph

a 36 feet high sculpture created by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles called the "God of Peace," which was later renamed "Vision of Peace." Isn't this repetitive?

Historic Hill District

Location of Site: Irregular pattern from Pleasant and Grand Aves. to Holly and Marshall Aves., from Lexington Pkwy. to 4th and Pleasant in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Joe, this doesn't make sense, unless I'm not aware of these boundaries. Dot

Healy Forbes House, 3137 2nd Avenue South

Shouldn't this be hyphenated?

Healy Rea House, 3131 2nd Avenue South


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