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'''Old Sugar House Park'''  There is no city or state in header.
'''Old Sugar House Park'''  There is no city or state in header.
'''Statewide Historic Preservation Conference'''
Mark '''you''' calendars!

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George E. Hess Building, 449 East 7th Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota


The building is one of the oldest commercial building in the area, and has a solid exposed limestone rubble rear wall." Need 's' on the second use of the word 'building'?

Joe No wonder you couldn't find it. I put the wrong address above it.

Powderhorn Park

Powderhorn, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Powderhorn Park neighborhood, on Minneapolis’ south side . . .

Joe It appears the neighborhood includes the word 'Park' in defining itself. Not just 'Powderhorn'?

Calhoun Square, 3000 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota "imminent domain" Should be eminent domain. (The state can take private property for public use.)

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

statue of Tawaret notice Taweret Different spellings

Odd Fellows Hall, 928 Raymond Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota Need comma after 'Avenue'.

Old Sugar House Park There is no city or state in header.

Statewide Historic Preservation Conference Mark you calendars!

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