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Peavey Plaza, Nicollet Mall

Plaza is frozen over and becomes a popular icing rink Should this be ice skating rink?

Buildings in Highland Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota


Edgecumbe Court Apartments, 1095 Osceola Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

? Neighborhood ?

Zip code 55105

Downtown, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Archdiocese Chancery and Residence, 226-230 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul


Armstrong-Quinlan House, 227 Eagle Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Historic Function: Nursing Home

Other Historic Function: Nursing Home(? Verify duplicate) (Use Key Hospital for Recovering Alcoholics?)

Saint Paul City Hall - Ramsey County Courthouse, 15 Kellogg Boulevard West, Saint Paul, Minnesota

and the towering onyx sculpture “Vision of Peace” by Carl Milles.

Next paragraph

a 36 feet high sculpture created by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles called the "God of Peace," which was later renamed "Vision of Peace." Isn't this repetitive?

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