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Horace P. Rugg House, 251 Summit Avenue

This house is listed as being in the "Crocus Hill" area

Not fixed, I am unsure. What are the boundaries of Crocus Hill?
Hooverjp 19:52, November 18, 2008 (UTC)

The Rugg is between these addresses.

Summit Hill, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Archdiocese Chancery and Residence, 226-230 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Albert H. and Louise Lindeke House, 295 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

905 High St. 49331

There is no city or state in the header on the web site City/locality- State/province Lowell, Michigan

Acme Building, 123 Saint Peter Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

jAISDPjw epf QIwgf wawtqwtq34tq34t ---- This is in the text area?

Ackerman Building, 780 Jackson Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

There are two consecutive web sites.

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