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Josiah Chaney home, 997 Argyle Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

One important improvement Josiah Chaney made was to build a darkroom in the noreast corner of the cellar (basement) for Delia, an avid amateur photographer.

Is noreast what you meant to say here?


William Wakefield house, 963 Wakefield Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota

The building is one of the oldest commercial building in the area, and has a solid exposed limestone rubble rear wall."

I was going to make 'building' plural, but saw it was a quote. Just to bring it to your attention.

William Honebrink House, 734 3rd Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Patrick McGwre: Is this name missing an 'i'?


P. J. Donndelinger Saloon, 1058 Hudson Road, St. Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Razed)

Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota


William & Marie Hamm House, 668 North Greenbrier Street, Saint Paul

Need to add 'Minnesota"

William & Marie Hamm House, 668 North Greenbrier Street, Saint Paul This is a duplicate of the above.


Harry Blackmun Boyhood Home, 847 4th Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota This house is listed twice here, but with different content.


George Pabst Grocery, 789-804 Margaret Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota French Renaissance dormers with flor de les ornamentation

fleur-de-lis heraldic device resembling lily or iris: a heraldic symbol or design in the form of three tapering petals tied by a surrounding band, formerly used by the kings of France

Joe, I have never seen the word flor de les and can't find it in a dictionary.

Also, the story of the James Pye Family is so confusing. It is under "Northeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota"

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