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'''Thomas Frankson House, 1349 Midway Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota'''
'''Address:  1349 Midway Parkway  
Neighborhood/s:  Como, Stewartville, Minnesota  
State/province  Stewartville, Minnesota ''' ???


'''Munch-Roos House, 360 Bench Street, Taylors Falls, Minnesota'''
↑ Minnesota's National Register Properties, '''Banfill Tavern''', Minnesota Historical Society<>. Retrieved May 7, 2008. 
Does not correspond with main header. '''Similar note used for Taylors Falls Public library.'''


'''Alexander Ramsey House.(,?) 265 Exchange Street South, Saint Paul, Minnesota'''

Fixed. Looks like there was a duplicate page with the correct capitalization.

1406 West 66th Street, '''RIchfield,''' Minnesota

This has been moved to the article's discussion page. This is the way it was written in the Ramsey County Historical Survey. I will have to go back and double check. but I can't make that call.

''Stuart was a member of Stuart and Cobb lumber business.'' 

David and Mary Stuart to the header I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean replace the name "Haupt-Smith House" and call it the "David and Mary Stuart House"?

'''Haupt-Smith House, 312 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota'''
'''House Chronology'''

Fixed (the architect template needs a lot of work. ugh....)

'''Clarence Johnston'''    worked in partnership with William H. '''Willcox,'''  firm of '''Wilcox''' and Johnston   In 1889 '''Wilcox''' moved (Sp?)

This has been moved to the article's discussion page.

Charles F. Noyes / '''Joseph Mckay House''', 235 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota'''
owner and occupant of the house was '''Joseph McKey,''' who was the head of Joseph McKey


"ginsing, should be '''ginseng'''?

Hooverjp 09:42, July 11, 2008 (CDT)

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