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David and Mary Stuart to the header I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean replace the name "Haupt-Smith House" and call it the "David and Mary Stuart House"?

'''Haupt-Smith House, 312 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota'''
'''House Chronology'''

Joe I had to '"Restore' my computer to a previous date and I am not sure if my answer to this was saved.


Being that the page name is Haupt-Smith House, why does it open with the sentence Stuart was a member of Stuart and Cobb lumber business.? This is the only reference to him and does not seem relevant to the Title. As to David and Mary Stuart, I have no idea where I saw that. It has been about 2 months since I added the query to 'My Talk'. Maybe it was in the paragraph on a previous version. I hope this doesn't confuse you, because I sure am. Dot

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