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Hi Waller,

I wanted to thank you for contributions. I hope you enjoy using Placeography, if you need any help on wiki syntax please let me know. I recommend you take a look at some of the links below, even if you already familiar with Wikis and Wikipedia in general. If you want to try out some new bit of coding before you post it, try experimenting with it at the Sandbox page. There, you can test out anything for fun.

I liked your contribution of the Waller House Inn. I did move the page from "Waller House Inn, 301 3rd St. SE, Little Falls, MN" to Waller House Inn, 301 3rd Street SE, Little Falls, Minnesota because we request that the State and Street be spelled out. I also deleted "Come visit us at the Waller House Inn where all the little things add up to an experience you won't soon forget!" as the copy was too promotional, but did add a link in the related link section to the Home page of the inn.

To contact me with questions or concerns, leave a comment on my Talk page or leave a comment on the Questions page and someone will answer your question shortly.

Also we have a good community of history buffs and preservationists here. Feel free to add info about yourself to your profile page to let others know more about you.

Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon!
Joe Hoover

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