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The word portal comes from an architectural term meaning gate or doorway. There are many web portals, including major search engines and other gateways to particular content on the web. On Placeography portals are tied to a particular non-profit, educational organization such as a local historical society, a college, a preservation group, or other organization. Such organizations that have an interest in creating and updating a number of articles pertaining to their geographical or subject base may apply to have a portal created. [link to online application form] The portal would include a page about the organization with a linking list of placeography articles created by the organization. The portal page may include also include tours, featured projects and articles

Organizations would have only one portal, but portals may include many separate projects.

In addition to the portal being a way for an organization to organize it's work on Placeography it also can be a starting point or go to point for some one to narrow their research, or looking for an authoritative voice to help sort through the properties and help provide a selection of similar interests.

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